Armored fighting vehicles: the self-propelled unit SU-100 (USSR).

The SU-100 (Samokhodnaya Ustanovka 100) is a Soviet tank destroyer armed with the D-10S 100 mm anti-tank gun in a casemate superstructure. It was used extensively during the last year of World War II and saw service for many years afterwards with the armies of Soviet allies around the world.

Developed in 1944 by UZTM Design Bureau (Uralmashzavod) under the leadership of L. Gorlitsky. The base – tank T-34. A crew – 4 persons. Armament: cannon D-10S (100 mm). Armor – 20-75 mm. The speed is 50 km / h. Power – 500 hp.

Museum of the Soviet Army, Moscow


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