Stefano Paletti: a hunter of images and a lover of nature


Stefano Paletti:

“My name is Stefano Paletti and I was born 48 years ago in Milan (Italy), but I have been living in Andorra for some years now. My passion for photography started as a small child when my grandfather gave me my first film camera, a Kodak Retinette from 1959, which at that time was considered a technological jewel. It was that device that made me enter the magical world of photography and I still have it in perfect working order. In the times of photographic film, everything was much more complicated for a beginner than it is now. We had to wait for the development of the film to see what result had been obtained and live the satisfaction or anger that came with it, as well as a much greater economic expense too.

With the passing of the years and the rapid advancement of technology, I started studying the new techniques of digital photography, a wonderful world of continuous evolution with infinite horizons to discover. E voilà! Today I consider myself a photographer due to a completely self-taught passion. I like to define myself as a “hunter of images” and a lover of nature, immense open spaces, where all my senses are rewarded by the beauty that mother nature is capable of offering us; colours, lights, scents, and sounds.

Sometimes I like to get out of traditional photography and dive into infrared photography, a world where the limit between dream and reality is an imperceptible subtle line but is capable of giving me unique and dreamy images, with light frequencies that human eyes cannot see.

The area where I live allows me to move within a relatively small distance from the Andorran mountains, with its lakes and breathtaking views and descend to the highlands and the Spanish land, to finally get to the beautiful beaches of the Costa Brava.

When time allows me, I take my photographic equipment, geographic map in hand, and head to a new path, looking for new scenarios to be immortalized. It is a medicine for the heart and mind. Like any of us, I have a dream in the drawer: make my passion a profession. At times that thought is not easy, but we should never have to stop pursuing our desires. Those who do not dream do not live, and in life, you have to live intensely all the way down to the last click or eyelash.

I want to take advantage of this moment to give a special thanks to my wife, Marta, for always nourishing my dreams”.

My full blog “Pyrenean nature and landscapes on photos” is available here


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