The château de Mauléon, called the “old château”, is situated on the French commune of Mauléon-Licharre, in the department of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France, Pyrenees.

It is inscribed monument historique on May 4, 1925.

The old castle of Mauléon originated in the 11th century, when the viscounty of Soule was formed, as a motte-and-bailey castle erected on a hill, composed of a wooden tower, flanked by a farmyard, all protected by a palisade surrounded by a moat.

In 1261, the English king, who held the title of Viscount, decided to assert his authority, especially militarily, through a châtelain, paid by him. Between 1272 and 1287, Edward I, concerned with his strongholds’ quality, imposed repairs and strengthening of the castle fortifications. This work was continued in 1319 and 1374 by later châtelains.

In 1642, by order of Louis XIII, the castle was demolished. In 1648, a partial reconstruction was organized, but the castle was finally abandoned. Under the French Revolution, it was used as a prison, a function it kept for years.

In 1831, the Minister of War refused its restoration, although it housed a garrison until 1870 when the town becomes the owner.

Address: Rue du Fort, 64130 Mauléon-Licharre, France


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Phone: +33 5 59 28 02 37

Shortest distances by car:

  • From Paris: 8 hr 8 min (833 km) via A10
  • From Bordeaux: 2 hr 55 min (255 km) via A65
  • From Andorra: 4 hr 44 min (359 km) via A64

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