Sant Marti de la Cortinada

Ordino, Ordino, AD300, Андорра


Sant Marti de la Cortinada Church (Andorra, near Ordino) — was built in the XII century and as the majority of Andorran churches was added on in the XVII-XVIII centuries. One of the interior sights of the church is its mural paintings, created by an Andorran artist, the citizen of La Cortinada village in the end of the XII century. The church was significantly alternated in the period of Baroque style popularity peak. In particular, the nave was changed; the altar piece as well as the chapel was decorated with polychrome wood elements in honor of the Patron of the church, Holy Mother and St. Antony.

The forged railings are one of the traditional examples of the usage of iron ore, extracted from Andorran valleys. The wooden furniture of the XVII century, carillon (musical instrument that imitate bell rings) and confessional  all together present the eminent peculiarities of this church.

The showpieces of Andorra  also include one more interesting architectural object, located in the neighborhood—that is Cal Pal mill and timber works with original white columbarium.

The entrance is free. Ordino touristic office: (+376) 878 173

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