What is IMO Grupo Miranza?

IMO Miranza Group has become a network of ophthalmology centers, which is an international reference in combined surgical ophthalmologic procedures and high complexity surgeries.

Formed by ophthalmologists specialized in each part of the eye or ocular pathology, the experts of IMO Grupo Miranza, work together leading the progress in ophthalmology, through networking, as well as an important teaching and research work.

ophthalmologists IMO Grupo Miranza

The opthtalmologists of IMO Grupo Miranza work together, leading the progress in ophthalmology


IMO first started its commitment to private medicine by the mid-1980s. Over the years, more and more people have been placing their trust in our commitment, experience and leadership.

In 2009 we made an important qualitative leap by moving our activity to a new location in Barcelona, with 70 consulting rooms and 8 operating rooms, where we perform around 65,000 visits and 8,000 surgeries per year. Our team with 180 professionals allows us to assume this activity with a quality service and with a personalized treatment throughout the medical and surgical process.

By the end of 2018 and after a trajectory of nearly 30 years leading ophthalmology in Barcelona, the Institute of Ocular Microsurgery (IMO) joined Miranza, a leading group in centers of excellence in ocular wellness and with presence in more than 21 Spanish cities.

From that moment on, the IMO family grew with the opening of a practice in Terrassa and, subsequently, with the incorporation of a new center in Manresa (in the, until then, Clínica Oftalmológica del Bages), as well as a new clinic  in Madrid, located in Mirasierra. 2022 marks the international leap for IMO Grupo Miranza by integrating a clinic in Andorra, located in the former Vallmedic Vision.

IMO Miranza Group: 30 years leading ophthalmology

IMO Miranza Group: networked and super-specialized ophthalmology

Currently, IMO Miranza Group is a cohesive and innovative network of reference centers in ophthalmology, offering diagnosis and treatment for the most common eye diseases, even the most complicated ones, as well as other elective medical and surgical procedures, such as refractive surgery or esthetic eye and facial therapies.

Why IMO Miranza Group

  1. Our ophthalmologists are highly specialized in each part of the eye: each one of them knows the peculiarities of the pathologies. Each specialist tries, with great experience in diagnosis, to find the possible therapies for each disease.
  2. Our eye health experts are involved in the advancement of ophthalmology and collaborate with various internal and external teams to develop instruments, drugs and new techniques to provide solutions to eye diseases.
  3. We are compromised to the investigation: IMO Grupo Miranza Barcelona is the only center in Spain with its own molecular biology laboratory, from which important research research projects related to ocular diseases without cure are carried out at the present time.  Likewise, the Genetics Department offers diagnosis and genetic counseling to people suffering from hereditary eye diseases.
  4. We have the only ophthalmology center in Spain accredited by the prestigious Joint Commission International quality seal: we offer the best quality and safety care to our patients, through compliance with strict clinical protocols.
  5. Our operating theaters are equipped with maximum safety: they periodically renew the ISO 6 classification. For this reason, our surgical area is a reference in biosafety and comfort required in cardiac surgeries.

Patient IMO Grupo Miranza

Our ophthalmologists are highly specialized in each part of the eye

Helping you see better is our passion

We are passionate about helping people to see better, whatever their age, whether they are children or adults, because good vision is synonymous with a good quality of life.

We don’t want you to miss the best of this life:

  • the sunsets
  • the smile of your grandchildren
  • your children’s first steps
  • and many other things that deserve to be seen

Vision IMO Grupo Miranza

We are passionate about helping people to see better

All this, while keeping the empathy and human quality that characterizes us, focused on patient care, dedicating to each clinical case, all the time and resources necessary for a personalized attention and with the best guarantees.

In this sense, patients who need it are seen on the same day by different specialists, according to the needs of their case, simplifying procedures and scheduling of new visits.

For over than 30 years, we have been looking for solutions to any ocular problem through the expert application of the best treatments. We have a highly specialized and committed medical team, as well as the most advanced technology and modern, spacious and comfortable facilities.

Borja Corcóstegui, Medical Director of IMO Barcelona and President of Miranza’s CLF (Clinical Leaders Forum).

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