The García de Sola reservoir – one of the largest in Extremadura

The García de Sola reservoir is a reservoir located in the Extremadura area near Talarrubias, Badajoz province, Spain. It was built in 1962 within the actions of the so-called Badajoz Plan, in which several reservoirs were built in the area with the aim of storing water for the irrigation systems that were expected to be implemented in the province of Badajoz.

It has a hydroelectric plant located at the foot of the dam. We can also find a few meters from said reservoir the town of García de Sola or Puerto Peña, in which some of the workers of the Confederation have their residencies.

This reservoir has seven gates and stores water from the Guadiana River.

With an area of 35.5 km2, is one of the largest bodies of freshwater in Extremadura.

The reservoir is located in a place of great beauty, between large rock formations and dense vegetation formed by Mediterranean forest, pine forests and eucalyptus trees.

This place has a high value in avifauna, being able to observe numerous bird species, such as the griffon vulture, the black vulture, the black stork, the golden eagle, the Bonelli’s eagle, the booted eagle, the peregrine falcon, the goshawk …

The fish populations present in the reservoir are also noteworthy, making it very attractive to fishermen from all over Spain. Pike (some large) coexist in its waters along with black-bass, percasoles, barbels or carps.

Due to the beauty of the landscape, in which the water, the rock formations, and the covers of scrub and forests intermingle, a good tourist infrastructure has been developed that has allowed many vacationers and tourists to meet in the area of the reservoir. In its waters you can practice canoeing, motor sailing, sailing, and there are also areas for swimming and jetty.

A 1st category campsite has also been developed in the area (it has its interpretation center). Also the reservoir, has a bar-restaurant for people who go to bathe in the area; but a few meters away, towards Talarrubias, is the town of Pantano Puerto Peña, with different routes and that has a restaurant, a small hermitage (open on the first Sunday of each month, for anyone who wants to go), and the nursery.

How to get to?

Distances be car to the main cities of Extremadura:

From Mérida 1 hr 17 min (111 km) via N-430

From Cáceres 1 hr 45 min (137 km) via A-58

From Badajoz 1 hr 55 min (176 km) via A-5 and N-430

From Madrid 3 hr (240 km) via N-502 and A-5

GPS coordinates: 39°09′24″N 5°11′27″O

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