Abstract art in online exhibition of Daniel Plazas Pina. 13.05.2015



Daniel Plazas Pina

He comes from Barcelona, but living in Andorra since 2009.

Daniel Plazas Pina is a multifaceted professional, painter, writer, entrepreneur and engineer. He is a self-taught artist who began to form in Barcelona, in the paint shop of his uncle, known as “Pasc”.

The Plazas Pina´s work is the result of the talent and his eclecticism innate, where stresses its tendency to impressionist realism. He has successfully participated in various collective and individual exhibitions with a very rave reviews. Anyway, he also paints realists pictures upon request.

His oil paintings emerge from an incredible force that does not leave anyone indifferent. He´s meticulous in the brushstroke, in the color, in the study of forms… is serenity… is the nervousness… is curiosity… is, sometimes, grotesque.

Direct contacts to buy: tel. + 376 653 787, email: [email protected]

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