The Sokol (Russian: Cокол, lit. ’Falcon’) space suit, also known as the Sokol IVA, is a type of Soviet/Russian space suit, worn by all who fly on the Soyuz spacecraft. It was introduced in 1973 and is still used as of 2023. The Sokol is described by its makers as a rescue suit and it is not capable of being used outside the spacecraft in a spacewalk or extravehicular activity. Instead, its purpose is to keep the wearer alive in the event of an accidental depressurisation of the spacecraft. In this respect, it is similar to the ACES suit that was worn aboard NASA’s Space Shuttle during launch and landing.

Manufacturer: NPP Zvezda (USSR/Russia)

Year: 1980

Used for: Soyuz

Operating pressure: 400 hPa (5.8 psi)

Mass: 10 kg (22 lb)

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