CAF Lisbon (Urbos family)

Photo: Enzo Rodrigues

CAF is the supplier of the new trams for Companhia Carris de Ferro de Lisboa, E. M., S. A. (CARRIS). This new fleet is destined for line 15 that connects the main areas of tourist interest in the Portuguese capital, as well as the main transport stations of the city.

The units belong to the Urbos tram family and combine modern aesthetics with state-of-the-art equipment and maximum accessibility, without compromising comfort, performance and ease of operation as well as maintenance.

The new one-way vehicles are made up of 5 modules and are 100% low floor, making it easier for passengers to exit and enter the vehicle since it is done from the same level of the platform. These units are designed to incorporate onboard energy storage technology, which enables catenary-free circulation between stations.

Photo: Enzo Rodrigues

Manufacturer: CAF (Spain)

Years of production: 2023—

Length: 28500 mm

Width: 2400 mm

Height: 3620 mm

Track gauge: 900 mm

Passenger capacity: 203 (6p/m²)

Max speed: 70 km/h

Weight: 37320 kg

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