FGV Series 3800

The FGV Series 3800 is a series of trams designed for the urban service of the Valencia Metro, although they also served on the Alicante tram lines.

After the burying of the lines to Liria and Bétera, the Generalitat Valenciana decided to reconvert the section that ran between Valencia-Pont de Fusta and Ademuz (Actual Empalme) together with the old Valencia-Pont de Fusta-Grao line into a new line that would mean the reimplantation of the tram in Valencia. For this purpose, it commissioned the companies GEC-Alsthom, CAF and Siemens in 1993 to build 21 single-cab tram units. These units were put into operation on May 21, 1994 with the inauguration of the FGV line 4.

In 1998 Metrovalencia decided to order a second batch of 4 extra trams to increase service in the following new extensions of line 4.

Starting in 2014, these units were renovated by changing the colors of both the interior and exterior and installing new LED panels and teleindicators.

In January 2021, FGV announced that in the short and medium term, with the arrival of future network expansions and the end of the useful life of the 3800 series in 2024, the Generalitat would invest close to 132 million euros to replace the old 3800 series units for 22 newly built trams.​

Manufacturer: Siemens + Duewag (Germany)

Years of production: 1993—1998

Production: 25 units

Length: 23,780 mm

Width: 2400 mm

Height: 3215 mm

Track gauge: 1000 mm

Capacity: 201 passengers (65 seats)

Power: 432 kW

Max speed: 65 km/h

Current: 750 V

Weight: 29,250 kg

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