Electromobile «Сарма»

The Sarma electric car was created in Russia. Its creator was a team led by the famous Russian television journalist, multiple national record holder, racing driver and traveler Andrei Leontyev.

In Russia, cars of this class have not been developed or produced for 40 years. The last Soviet record car was created more than 40 years ago. It was an electric car HADI-21e. In 1983, it set an all-Union speed record at a distance of 500 meters from a standstill – 99 kilometers per hour. The record was recorded on the field of the Kharkov airfield.

In 2023, the Sarma electric car was created at a new technological stage. Only Russian components were used in its design. Pilots using this unique car set new speed records at the annual “Speed Days on the Ice of Lake Baikal” races.

In total, more than 150 people from Russia took part in the creation of Sarma.

According to the classifier of racing and high-speed cars, the Sarma electric car belongs to the 8th group (electric cars), category “A” (specially created cars) and 1st class (up to 500 kg).

In the 1 kilometer running race, the Sarma Evolute achieved a top average speed of 186.248 km/h, surpassing the previous record in this class of 161.700 km/h.

During the race, standard Nordman 8 studded tires from the Russian manufacturer Ikon Tires were used.

Country: Russia

Year: 2023

Battery: АО «Энергия»

Chassis: «Petrokart» (Saint Petersburg)

Power: 120 kW

Max speed: 186 km/h

Weight: 500 kg

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