ZiL-43314 ATS32-40. Fire vehicle

The ZiL-4331 is a Soviet and Russian medium-duty truck of the fourth generation family, produced at the Likhachev Plant. He replaced the family of models of the previous generation ZiL-130 (however, outside the ZiL-130 continued to be produced until 2012). Starting from this generation, ZiL switched its cars to run on diesel fuel.

In addition to the body, one of the important design innovations of this car, which qualitatively distinguishes it from the previous ZiL-130, is a diesel, “V”-shaped, 8-cylinder engine of the ZiL-645 generation (instead of gasoline, the ZiL-130 generation).

Made in Moscow (USSR, then Russia)

Years of production: 1987-2016

Chassis: ZiL-4331

Water reservoir: ATS32-40 (АЦ32-40)

Engine: 6 cylinders; 7120 cc

Power: 171 HP

Max speed: 101 km/h

Weight: 15,405 kg

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