Mercedes-Benz Hispano Habit

The Mercedes-Benz Hispano Carrocera Habit is the third generation of Mercedes-Benz O405G articulated buses.

Featuring an all-new exterior design by renowned Italian design company Pininfarina, the O405G Hispano Habit buses bear similar technical specifications and interior configurations as compared to the earlier Hispano Mark I & II buses and later Volgren-bodied units.

In 2000, Trans-Island Bus Services (TIBS) introduced a third series of the Mercedes-Benz O405G buses, now fitted with the ‘Habit’ city bus bodywork by Spanish coachbuilder Hispano Carrocera.

Assembly: Mannheim (Germany)

Years of production: 1999—2002

Production: 208 units

Passenger capacity: 90 (32 seats)

Powerplant: Mercedes-Benz OM 447 hLA

Engine (specs): 6 cylinders; 11967 cc

Power: 299 HP

Max speed: 90 km/h

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