KamAZ-53215 is a Russian large-capacity truck of the second generation, produced by the Kama Automobile Plant (KAMAZ) since 2001. It is the successor to the first generation model KamAZ-5320.

This truck has a 6×4 wheel arrangement. The curb weight of the vehicle is 8350 kg, and the total weight is 19650 kg. The carrying capacity of this vehicle reaches 10,000 kg. It is equipped with a KamAZ-740.31-240 (Euro-2) engine. This is a turbocharged diesel engine with a V-shaped configuration and 8 cylinders. The package includes a five-speed manual transmission with a splitter. The cabin is located above the engine and has a high roof. The climb angle is at least 25%. The outer overall turning radius is 9.8 meters.

Assembly: Naberezhnye Chelny (Russia)

Years of production: 2001—

Length: 6100 mm

Width: 2320 mm

Height: 2890 mm

Powerplant: КамАЗ-740.30

Engine (specifications): 8 cylinders; 10850 cc

Power: 260 HP

Max speed: 100 km/h

Fuel consumption: 25 l/100 km

Weight: 8350 kg

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