JUpload is a client-side upload agent that provides features not found in traditional HTML form-based uploading. However, being a Java applet, JUpload also provides something XUpload lacks – browser independence.

This applet is ‘given’ with the GPL licence.

JUpload takes care of the limitation posed by traditional HTML upload forms by allowing you to upload a whole directory and the files within it with a single click.

Its more usual use is as an applet. But it’s also available as stand alone application.

JUpload manages the client part. That is: in HTTP upload, you’ll have to write the server script which will manage the uploaded file. The standard HTTP POST command is used. In FTP mode, JUpload directly write the file on the target server. There is no need to write additional code.

JUpload PROS:

Compatibility with multiple browsers and platforms.
Both file upload and download functionality.
Multiple file selection.
Recursive directory selection.
Progress bar.
“Time remained” indicator.
Redirects a browser to another page upon completion of an upload.
Allows a pre-set list of file names.
Sets a default directory for file selection.
Sets custom file filters for the “Select Files” dialog.
Sets a limit on file number, size and extension before an upload begins.
Includes Last Modified date information with files being uploaded.
Can be embedded in a page or appear in a separate window.
Handles authentication and SSL.
Collects and uploads values from non-file form items.

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