Andy Younes Bullfighter

Andy Younes

Birth Day: May 30th, 1997, Arles, France.

Debut with picadors in Nîmes on May 23, 2015 with Ginés Marin and Varea against novillos de Parladé

Presentation at Las Ventas on May 30, 2017 with Leo Valadez and Diego Carretero against novillos de Montealto

Alternative on September 16, 2017 in Nîmes with José Maria Manzanares and Alejandro Talavante against bulls from Nuñez del Cuvillo (Madrid, Spain).

Bullfighting is a physical contest that involves a bullfighter attempting to subdue, immobilize, or kill a bull, usually according to a set of rules, guidelines, or cultural expectations.

There are several variations, including some forms which involve dancing around or leaping over a cow or bull or attempting to grasp an object tied to the animal’s horns. The best-known form of bullfighting is Spanish-style bullfighting, practiced in Spain, Portugal, Southern France, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Peru. The Spanish Fighting Bull is bred for its aggression and physique, and is raised free-range with little human contact.

The practice of bullfighting is controversial because of a range of concerns including animal welfare, funding, and religion. While some forms are considered a blood sport, in some countries, for example Spain, it is defined as an art form or cultural event, and local regulations define it as a cultural event or heritage. Bullfighting is illegal in most countries, but remains legal in most areas of Spain and Portugal, as well as in some Hispanic American countries and some parts of southern France.

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