A survival course “Two days facing wild nature”

DAY 1: Each team equipped with a walkie-talkie, a compass and a map should go by itself to the bivouac site.

A bundle of hazelnut poles, a rope and a knife – that’s all you get to make a shelter for the night in record time!

Water needed for survival, is hidden in the forest. The pathway is quite complicated (rocks, trees, ravine …) and full off pitfalls. Can you be first to find and bring water to the bivouac?

Hunting for insects, mushrooms and plants to cook them for a dinner.

Each team will have to make a hand-made stretcher, so as to evacuate a “wounded” from the bivouac to the river.

Using a firestone, you will need to make a fire.

Who will be first to find to find aperitif? Basic GPS will help you to locate beers and coca-cola.

Trapper meal by the fireside prepared together (the meal will be completed by degustation of plants, mushrooms and… insects).

DAY 2: Morning coffee

Manufacturing of a Polynesian arrow and throwing test with thruster.

Organized by Cédric Hoareau, mountain guide and professional narrator of the legends of the Catalan Pyrenees.

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