Bimota SB2

The SB2 is a motorcycle model, produced by the Italian manufacturer Bimota.

The SB2 was presented at the Bologna motorcycle show in 1976. It was the work of designer engineer Massimo Tamburini. The SB2 engine is the one that equips the Suzuki 750 GS. It develops 75 HP at 8,700 rpm.

The axis of the swing arm is aligned with that of the gearbox output gear. The efforts on the chain are reduced.

Braking is provided by two 280 mm discs at the front and a 260 mm disc at the rear, clamped respectively by Brembo calipers.

Originally, engineers planned to route the exhausts over the engine, and out under the seat. But the heat caused the carburetors to malfunction. It was therefore decided to move the exhausts to the lower position.

Assembly: Italy

Year of production: 1979

Production: 140 units

Engine: 4 cylinders; 748 cc

Power: 63 HP

Max speed: 210 km/h

Weight: 196 kg

Rahmi M. Koç museum (Istanbul, Turkey)

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