ZiS-42: Soviet half-track truck

ZIS-42 and ZIS-42M – Soviet half-track truck. It was intended for work in off-road conditions and as an artillery tractor. It was a further development of the ZIS-22 half-track truck.

ZIS-42/-42M was mass-produced at the ZIS plant on the basis of a conventional truck ZIS-5V in 1942-1946.

The early ZIS-42 was produced in several experimental batches in 1942, and from the end of that year, its improved modification ZIS-42M was produced, which was in production until 1946.

A total of 6,372 ZIS-42 and ZIS-42M vehicles were produced.

Made in the Soviet union (USSR) in 1942

Production: 6372 exemplars

Engine: ZiS-5 (6 cylinders)

Power: 73 HP

Max. speed: 35 km/h

Weight: 5132 kg

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