ZiL-118K (119) “Юность” (“Youth”). Blue version

The ZiL-118 Yunost was a luxury microbus built by Zavod imeni Likhachova (Завод имени Лихачёва). Based on the ZiL-111 limousine, the ZiL-118 was developed in 1961, on the factory’s own initiative.

Only 20 were built because of a lack of interest of government. The few built were solely to special order, with a number as high-capacity ambulances. An updated version appeared in 1970 in several versions: the 118K coach 118KS ambulance, both using the ZiL-508.10 V8 engine from ZiL trucks.

The ZiL-118 was further facelifted in the 1980s, becoming the ZiL-3207. Production ended in 1994, with total number built, of the 118K/KS and 3207, reaching only 86.


ZIL-118A: Ambulance version of ZIL-118.
ZIL-119 (ZIL-118K): Modernized ZIL-118.
ZIL-119A (ZIL-118KA): Ambulance version of ZIL-119.
ZIL-3302: Prototype truck based on ZIL-119.

FSO Museum (Moscow)

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