Yutong ZK6122H9

Yutong ZK6122H9 is a Chinese-made tourist bus.

Externally it is difficult to make a bus unique; they are all approximately similar. Nevertheless, the designers tried to add some notes of unusualness. So from the side we see a massive glazing area in a Z-shape.

At the front, we tried to highlight xenon optics in two sections, adding 5 small LED parking lights to the lower part. A thick chrome insert passes through the company logo, connecting the headlights. The model did not lose foglights. At the top you can see medium-sized rear-view mirrors; their distinctive feature is a lattice-shaped leg.

Large optics with round turn signal compartments are installed. Otherwise everything is straightforward and uninteresting. The car has two automatic entry doors with a pneumatic drive, which can be opened using a key fob.

The entire supporting body of Yutong ZK6122H9 is welded from cold-rolled metal pipes. In addition to metal, aluminum parts are used – arches, doors, hood, hatches.

The passenger area is high – 110 mm, but this is neither a minus nor a plus. Many note the comfort of the seats, of which there are from 49 to 53 depending on the modification. The seats are simple, covered with fabric, have mechanical backrest tilt and lateral adjustments. It’s not bad, but there are many buses with more interesting seats.

Nets for small items are installed on the backs of the chairs. At the top there are two individual lampshades with a speaker and two air deflectors. Cool, but the sound of the speaker cannot be made quieter or turned off completely, and the air deflectors can either adjust the direction or close it; it will not be possible to reduce the tempo.

Manufacturer: Yutong (Zhengzhou, China)

Years of production: 2016—

Length: 12,000 mm

Width: 2,550 mm

Height: 3,830 mm

Capacity: 51+1+1 passengers

Engine: Cummins ISL (Euro-5)

Engine (specs): 6 cylinders; 8900 cc

Power: 360 HP

Max speed: 125 km/h

Weight: 13,700 kg

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