Yesterday, there was a traffic jam eight kilometers long from the centre of Andorra to the Andorran-Spanish border

The traffic collapse to leave Andorra (Pyrenees) to Spain started at 12.30 and was spread over 14 km at 14.00 and 16 km at 16.00. However, the maximum concentration of cars was recorded from 16:00 – the cars were queuing for a length of about 8 km.

This situation was caused by the closure of the access road to France due to the danger of avalanches and strong winds. However, as road users noted, there was absolutely no information regarding this posted around the country. As a result, many road users travelled up to Pas de la Casa (the small town on the border of Andorra and France), only to have to come back again and run into the unprecedented traffic jam.

“It’s a total lack of respect for tourists. The authorities must urgently take measures or at least inform people properly of the problems related to the departure from Andorra to France. I do not want to come back here to spend the weekend and ski here anymore,” says one of many who spent about 3 hours yesterday in a traffic jam in Andorra.

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