Yellow Renault Type V Limousine from 1907 with four cylinders (4400 cc). Max. speed: 50 km/h

The Renault Type V was an early passenger car model from Renault. There were the versions Type V (a), Type V (b), Type V (c) and Type V-1. They were also called 20 CV and 20/30 CV in 1909 respectively.

This model was Renault’s first upper middle class model. The presentation took place at the Paris Motor Show in December 1904. On January 14, 1905, the national licensing authority granted the license. It was succeeded in 1909 by the Renault Type AS.

A water-cooled four-cylinder engine with a bore of 100 mm and a stroke of 140 mm produced 20 hp (15 kW) from a displacement of 4398 cm³. The car had rear-wheel drive with cardan shaft. It reached a top speed of 49 km/h.

The exhibition vehicle from December 1904 had wheels with twelve spokes at the front and rear. In series production, the front wheels only had ten spokes. In the course of 1905, the rear wheels also received ten spokes.

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