Yellow Peugeot 5CV. Made in 1925

Weight: 879 kg

Max. speed: 59 km/h

Engine: 667 cc

Power: 11 HP

Peugeot 5CV was a popular name for several models of the Peugeot Type 172 between 1925 and 1929.


The first of the 5CV series was the Type 172 BC, itself a new model, though similar to the Quadrilette, which was still sold through 1924. The Type 172 BC carried over the 667 cc engine from the Quadrilette, but with power up to 11 horsepower (8.2 kW). It debuted at the Tour de France automobile in 1924.


Small styling changes and a new engine changed the Type 172 BC into the Type 172 R in 1926. The engine was a 720 cc I4 and produced the same power rating as before, but torque was quoted appreciably higher. In 1928, the engine was replaced with a smaller 695 cc powerplant that nevertheless produced more power, at 14 horsepower (10 kW). A smaller engine and a wider track nevertheless lowered the rating of the new Type 172 M tax classification to 4CV.


Total production of the Type 172 models in this timeframe amounted to 48,285 units.

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