Hispano Alemán was a Spanish automobile manufacturer that began production in 1970. It made licensed replicas of German and British sports cars.

Hispanic German Majorca

This vehicle arose from the initiative of the company Talleres Hispano-Alemán, founded by Bern Heiderich, the BMW and Porsche distributor in Madrid (Spain), to build a two-seater on SEAT mechanics, inspired by the Lotus Seven Series IV. It was made in two versions based on SEAT’s most powerful mechanics at that time: the 1430 engine and the 1800 FU. Apart from the mechanical elements, some units also sported the same rear lights as the SEAT 124. Two people could travel in this vehicle, with almost no luggage, enjoying a maximum speed of 150 km/h and sufficient acceleration to reach a thousand meters from a standstill in just over 33 seconds.

This exhibit comes from The Salvador Claret Automobile Collection

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