Yellow De Rovin D4 microcar roadster from 1949

Yellow De Rovin D4 microcar roadster from 1949. 4HP. Made in France

Rovin was a French auto-maker established in the Paris region, and most active from 1946 until 1959, although after 1953 production slowed to a trickle.

The firm was established, initially as a motor-cycle business, in 1921 by the racing driver and motorcycle constructor, Raoul Pegulu, Marquis of Rovin (1896 – 1949).

The car was developed by Raoul but in 1946 production became the responsibility of his brother, Robert who continued to run the business after Raoul’s death.

In the 1930s Rovin had turned his attention to a sportscar dealership which he established in Paris on the Boulevard Pereire.

Although the business was at this stage concentrated on the dealership, Raoul Rovin was already offering a little car of his own design at the 20th Paris Motor Show in October 1926.

Powered by a 4CV single cylinder 480cc motor, the offering was baptised by its manufacturer as the “Monocar”, and was listed in two versions, either as a “Monocar Sport” for 19,000 francs or as a “Monocar Record” which was fitted with a compressor (a form of “turbo-charger”) and priced at 22,000 francs.

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