Yauzsky Boulevard

Yauzsky Boulevard is a boulevard in the Tagansky district of the Central Administrative District of Moscow, the last (eastern) link of the Boulevard Ring. It runs from Vorontsovo Pole Street and Podkolokolny Lane in the north to Yauzskiye Vorota Square in the south. The numbering of houses is carried out from Vorontsovo Pole Street.

Notable buildings

On the odd side:

No. 9/6 – The city estate of M. G. Spiridov – F. K. Ryuhardt – The clinic of O. G. von Shiman (beginning of the 19th – beginning of the 20th centuries, architects S. F. Voskresensky, V. A. Kossov, T. J. Bardt), an object of the cultural heritage of regional significance.

No. 11 – two-story house of the XIX century.

No. 13 (northern part) – Profitable house of I. I. and N. I. Boldyrev, a monument in the Art Nouveau style, architects G. A. Gelrikh and N. P. Evlanov. The building was built in 1908 but stylistically belongs to the early Moscow Art Nouveau.

No. 13 (southern part) – Profitable house and mansion of the heirs of I. N. Filippov (1902-1906, architect A. V. Krasilnikov).

No. 15/1 – a complex of the city estate of the Filippovs of the 18th-19th centuries with buildings from the beginning of the 20th century, architects V. I. Myasnikov, A. E. Weber, and A. V. Krasilnikov.

On the even side:

No. 2/16 – Residential building of the Military Engineering Academy. V. V. Kuibysheva (1936-1941, architect I. A. Golosov).

No. 10 – two-story house of the XIX century.

No. 12/7 – Profitable house (based on a residential building of the 1820s; 1837; 1887, architect V.F. Baranov; 1983), later – an administrative building.

No. 14/8 – Residential building of the Kvartirokhozyain cooperative, 1919-1930, architect V. Volokishin.

No. 18/15 – city estate of the 18th century.


A tram line is laid along the boulevard, used by routes A, 3, 39. You can get there from Novokuznetskaya or Chistye Prudy metro stations.

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