“Wormholes” connect remote areas of our Universe or even parallel Universes, they can be used to create a time machine also, says Vladimir Krechet

“Wormholes” connect remote areas of our Universe or even parallel Universes, they can be used to create a time machine also, says Vladimir Krechet

Vladimir Georgievich Krechet is the Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (1988), professor, works as a professor at the Department of Physics FSBEI HE Moscow State Technological University “STANKIN”, professor at the Yaroslavl Pedagogical University named after K.D. Ushinsky.

He proposed the maximum possible series of arguments confirming, directly or indirectly, the reality of five-dimensional space-time existence together in the sets of parallel four-dimensional Worlds located in it with its time flows. This coincides with the postulates of “Cosmology on branes” theoretical physical science.

Developed a five-dimensional geometrized theory of the gravitational, weak, and electromagnetic interactions’ union based on a five-dimensional affine-metric space-time.

He developed the theory of a vortex gravitational field during its interaction with other physical fields and continuous media and showed the possibility of obtaining wormholes without using various types of “exotic” matter (matter with negative kinetic energy or at high negative pressure).

At the same time, he considered the gravitational interaction of the Dirac spinor field in the framework of the Einstein theory, as well as in the framework of the Einstein-Cartan theory and the Einstein-Weyl theory.

You consider features in the properties of joint stationary distributions of self-gravitating vortex physical fields and continuous media in your works. What do you mean by vortex physical fields?

Vortex physical fields are, for example, azimuthal magnetic and electric fields, Dirac spinor field with polarized spin, velocity field of a rotating continuous medium, and finally, the vortex gravitational field, which is the vortex component of the total gravitational field.

In our opinion, the main remarkable feature of the vortex gravitational field is that it can lead to the formation of “wormholes”, which are remarkable astrophysical objects theoretically predicted in the GR framework without using matter with very exotic properties, for example, with a negative kinetic term in the energy-momentum tensor or the weak energy condition violation.

How can these vortex fields be obtained, where they occur in nature?

It’s not difficult to find or obtain vortex fields. For example, the source of a stationary azimuthal magnetic field is, as you know, a direct rectilinear electric current. A vortex gravitational field source can be a rapidly rotating continuous medium, for example, a perfect liquid, as well as a Dirac spinor field with a polarized spin.

There can also exist an “apriori” vortex gravitational field with a “wormhole” formed by it, obtained theoretically as a solution of Einstein’s stationary vacuum equations in a spacetime of certain type.

For the formation of “wormholes” using vortex fields, they must be intense enough so that their energy-momentum tensor can have a significant effect on the space-time properties.

What are wormholes? Do they have any relation to teleportation?

“Wormholes” are peculiar tunnels in space-time that connect remote regions of our Universe or even parallel Universes, which makes it possible to make longer distance space flights in short times in the future. They can be used to create a time machine also.

That is, “wormholes” are related to black holes and galactic nuclei?

“Wormholes” can imitate “black holes” in some cases. It is possible to organize many other interesting physical effects using wormholes. For example, if in a “wormhole” connecting two parallel Universes, one can slide a magnet so that one of the two poles of the magnet is at the “wormhole” exit in one Universe, and the second pole is at the exit in another Universe, then one will observe a magnetic monopole in each Universe. Thus, research into the “wormholes” problems can lead to the discovery of new physical phenomena and effects. Therefore, research in the “wormholes” physics is still highly relevant. This is evidenced by a large number of publications on this topic, which continue to appear both in Russia and abroad.

Why do we use vortex physical fields in conjunction with a continuous medium in the form of a self-gravitating perfect liquid to study the “wormholes” space-time geometry”?

This is because vortex physical fields most often act in reality together with the indicated continuous medium in astrophysics and cosmology. For example, the magnetic fields of ordinary stars, pulsars, magnetars, galactic nuclei arise in the depths of their substance, which have the consistency of a liquid. The same can be said of the vortex gravitational field generated by the fast rotation of massive astrophysical objects. Such massive astrophysical objects, including galactic nuclei, should have a high matter density with a state equation close to the limiting.

The matter was in a vacuum-like state corresponding to a perfect liquid with a vacuum state equation in an early universe, at the earliest inflation stage of its evolution. As shown by us, as well as by professor V.F. Panov, the early Universe could then rotate rapidly, creating a vortex gravitational field.

Therefore, it is important to consider vortex physical fields, magnetic and gravitational, together with a self-gravitating ideal fluid.

Your work is full of formulas. In particular, you showed that with a proper choice of the system governing parameters, due to the action of the vortex field, solutions of the Einstein equations are obtained that describe the “wormholes” space-time geometry. Can you describe in simple language how these solutions are obtained?

If we consider two cases of the constitutive equation for a perfect liquid – vacuum-like and limiting, then the first of them is characteristic of the inflaton field in the earliest Universe, and the second one is for the quark-gluon plasma also in the very early Universe after a phase transition and the super heavy particles birth. Besides, the limiting constitutive equation is possibly the matter characteristic of super dense astrophysical objects such as neutron stars (pulsars) of the mass two to three times larger than the Sun mass, and maybe galactic nuclei.

It should be emphasized that the effect of a “wormhole” formation during the fast rotation of an astrophysical object is possible only for large mass objects, as well as for high density so that their gravitational field can balance centrifugal forces and keep the object from destruction, and high-density objects, so that limiting constitutive equation will be executed.

Thus, the equilibrium configurations of the rapidly rotating self-gravitating perfect liquid of large mass within the Einstein theory of gravity (GR) framework can form “wormholes,” and therefore, in some cases, massive astrophysical objects that are observed as black holes, are in fact wormholes, for example, some galaxies nuclei.

Unfortunately, education and university officials interfere with research and teaching activities: they come up all the time with new and new reporting forms, which occupy an increasingly large part of the working time useful for science and education. There was no such bureaucratic lawlessness under the Soviet regime.

Vladimir Georgievich, thank you for the interesting conversation. We wish you good luck with these useful theories developing!

Interview: Ivan Stepanyan

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