Wolseley 10 HP Coupe (E3)

Wolseley Motors Limited was a British motor vehicle manufacturer founded in early 1901 by the Vickers Armaments in conjunction with Herbert Austin. It initially made a full range, topped by large luxury cars, and dominated the market in the Edwardian era.

The Vickers brothers died and, without their guidance, Wolseley expanded rapidly after the war, manufacturing 12,000 cars in 1921, and remained the biggest motor manufacturer in Britain.

Over-expansion led to receivership in 1927 when it was bought from Vickers Limited by William Morris as a personal investment. He moved it into his Morris Motors empire just before the Second World War. After that, Wolseley products were “badge-engineered” Morris cars. Wolseley went with its sister businesses into BMC, BMH and British Leyland, where its name lapsed in 1975.

Assembly: Birmingham (UK)

Year: 1920—1925

Engine: 4 cylinders; 1260 cc

Power: 10 HP

Max speed: 85 km/h

Weight: 820 kg

World cars museum (MoscowRussia) and Torre Loizaga (Euskadi, Spain)

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