Wine producers annual meeting in Andorra – is one of main touristic images of Andorra, says Minister of tourism and trade of Principality Francesc Camp

Opening of the European Social Charter Seminar Ouverture du séminaire sur la Charte Sociale européenneThe 3d meeting of Andorran wine microproducers took place at the Center of culture and congresses Lauredia in Sant Julià de Lória, on November, 28. Francesc Camp, minister of tourism and trade of Andorra, comments the importance of this event for Andorra:

“Wine producers annual meeting in Andorra – is one of main touristic images of Andorra. I would say that it’s like a complement for tourists coming in Andorra for skiing, having relax at Caldea or walking in Naturlandia. Andorran wine degustation is a perfect addition to a touristic offer not only in a winter, but all year round. People come to Andorra for their activities and go to restaurants to test Andorran cuisine. And it’s important to let them enjoy our traditional dishes and discover our wine culture.

We don´t have many andorran wine brands – actually there are only 4: Borda Sabaté, Casa Beal, Casa Auvinyá and Celler Mas Berenguer. It’s enough for such a small country as Andorra especially because of its location and specificity of production of high-altitude wines.

All Andorran vineyards concentrate in Sant Julia – the warmest and sunniest parish of Andorra. The taste of high-altitude wine is absolutely different. It’s special category of wines. I would like to point out that Andorran wine step by step is getting its recognition all over the world.

Our wine-makers have a huge experience in wine production. In the past Andorra produced a lot of wines, but stopped it in a last century due to different reasons. Nowadays it depends on concrete producer – some of them have about 50 years experience.

Today we have many guests from our neighbor countries: France, Portugal, and Spain. They came here to demonstrate their best wine brands and discuss actual questions within the framework of a conference here in Andorra. Actually this year more than 50 different wine brands are presented here.

This year is a third time when we have this kind of event in Andorra and we will keep going with this good tradition”.

Andrew Winer

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