Willys MB. Commander’s car

The U.S. Army had been requesting a small, light four-wheel drive vehicle since the early 1920s, to replace the motorcycles, older vehicles, and animals used as transportation during World War I. Though early concepts were prototyped in the 1930s, the jeep’s actual design and development occurred shortly before American entry into World War II. The jeep became the workhorse of the U.S. military during the war, replacing horses and draft animals in almost every role from cavalry to logistics, while improvised field modifications made the jeep capable of performing practically any other function necessary. An amphibious variant of the jeep, the Ford GPA, was also produced, but its flaws compared to other Allied amphibious vehicles led to its quick discontinuation.

Made in USA in 1943

Engine: Willys L134 (4 cylinders)

Power: 60 HP

Max. speed: 104 km/h

Weight: 1020 kg

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