The Western High-Speed Diameter in St. Petersburg

The Western High-Speed Diameter (WHSD) is an intracity toll highway in St. Petersburg.

The length of the road is 46.6 km, of which 26.7 km was built on artificial structures: flyovers, bridges, overpasses and tunnels.

The width of the road is 4-8 lanes (6 km – four-lane road, 18 km – six-lane road, 22 km – eight-lane road).

Conventionally, the WHSD is divided into three sections – South, Central and North.

The route runs along the western part of St. Petersburg, overlooking the Gulf of Finland, and connects the Big Sea Port of St. Petersburg and the main transport complexes of the city with the Ring Road (KAD) and exits to the Baltic countries, Scandinavia and regions of Russia.

The Western High-Speed Diameter is the most popular road in Russia with more than 380,000 payments per day.

The unique objects were created within the construction of the Western High-Speed Diameter, including the longest bridge constructions in Russia (except the Crimean bridge): the Southern Flyover of the main road route over the Sea channel and Korabelny fairway – 9,4 km and the Northern Flyover of the main road route over the Petrovsky fairway and Elagin fairway – 8,8 km.

The Western High-Speed Diameter is an inner-city multilane highway, which made it possible to cross a 5-million metropolis in 20 minutes and provides 24-hour transport link between southern and northern districts of St. Petersburg.

The highway ensures the transport accessibility of the Sea port areas, unloads the historic center of the city, the Ring Road and the road network. For the first time ever, thanks to WHSD implementation all districts of St. Petersburg became accessible to drivers 24/7.

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