White Simca Plein Ciel (Aronde) with four cylinders, 1294 cc, 57 HP. Top speed: 145 km/h

The Simca Aronde is an automobile which was manufactured by the French automaker Simca from 1951 to 1964. It was Simca’s first original design (earlier models were all to a greater or lesser extent based on Fiats), as well as the company’s first unibody car. “Aronde” means “swallow” in Old French and it was chosen as the name for the model because Simca’s logo at that time was a stylized swallow.

In January 1957, the 500,000th Aronde was made, and the cars were now exported even to the United States. In October 1957, two new versions joined the Aronde range: the Océane, a 2-seater cabriolet, and Plein Ciel, a 2-seater coupé, both with bodies by Facel.

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