Bugatti Torpedo Type 13 from 1913, four cylinders, 1327 cc, 15 HP, 90 km/h

The Bugatti Type 13 was the first real Bugatti car. Production of the Type 13, and later Types 15, 17, 22, and 23, began with the company’s founding in 1910 and lasted through 1920, with 435 examples produced. Most road cars used an eight-valve engine, though five Type 13 racers had 16-valve heads, some of the first ever produced. The road cars became known as pur-sang (“thoroughbred”) in keeping with Ettore Bugatti’s feelings for his designs.

The car was brought back after World War I with a multivalve engine to bring fame to the marque at Brescia. The production Brescia tourer also brought in much-needed cash.

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