What can be made from bananas? What health benefits do they have?

How are they best stored?

This is what my blog is about today.

There are several ways to enjoy this delicious fruit:

1. Raw – simple peel the banana and eat it fresh.

2. Make your own chilled banana milkshake – the perfect combination of calcium from milk and various nutrients from the banana.

3. If you do not like milkshakes, enjoy a chilled glass of banana smoothie.

4. Make your fruit salad – combine a banana with other fruits.

5. Eat a peanut butter Banana.

6. Children can eat bananas dipped in chocolate.

7. Make a banana pudding or cream.

8. Add some sliced banana to your oatmeal.

9. Banana is good with a portion of muesli and milk.

10. Make your own banana bars – just combine the banana pulp with your favorite nuts and oilseeds – it might make a great snack.

11. A banana is even an excellent sugar substitute.

12. Use banana puree for baking.

13. You can also replace eggs with banana pulp when baking cakes.

We should also mention the possibility of cooking with banana chips and creating banana smoothies.

To make banana chips, peel and slice 6 bananas. Spread them on a greased baking sheet, then sprinkle with cinnamon and bake for almost 10 minutes in a hot oven.

For the smoothie, take one large banana, chop the fruit in a blender, add 1 tablespoon of honey, add 150ml of a cold bottle and mix thoroughly. Drink before meals once per day.

How to store bananas:

The quality of bananas is strongly influenced by the way they are stored. Here are some tips on storing bananas:

1. You should never store bananas in plastic bags. Such packets retain a lot of moisture, which can ruin bananas.

2. If you bought unripe bananas, store them at room temperature until they mature. Storing unripe bananas at a low temperature, that is, in the refrigerator, can affect the ripening process.

3. Do not store bananas in the freezer. Storing bananas at very low temperatures can damage them. Always store bananas at room temperature in a paper bag.

4. Fully ripe bananas can be stored in the refrigerator.

5. A sliced banana becomes brown when it is exposed to air (oxygen). However, you can prevent such a reaction by covering banana slices with pineapple or lemon juice.

Exotic bananas have already been on our menu for a long time due to their peculiar taste, nutritional value and relatively low cost. But not everyone knows that bananas can be used as a natural medicine.

Bananas prevent the development of stomach ulcers. They can be safely eaten by people with high levels of stomach acidity, as these fruits regenerate the gastric mucosa and also stimulate the secretion of mucus in its walls, which promotes the healing of ulcers. In addition, bananas help to destroy a special bacterium Helicobacter pylori, contributing to the development of gastric ulcers.

Due to the high potassium content, bananas not only contribute to lowering blood pressure in humans, but also remove toxins, lower cholesterol levels, have a sedative effect and help with insomnia.

With the help of bananas it is easy to remove warts. To do this, mix the juice of two lemons with hot water and steam in on the affected area. Then, attach a piece of peel with the inner side on the wart and hold it down with a plaster. Wear a bandage all day.

Weathered lips can be saved by using banana balsam. Mix 5 drops of castor oil with 1 tbsp of mashed banana and 1 tablespoon of sour cream. Apply the mixture on the lips and after about 20 minutes. remove with a napkin.

Now you know that tasty bananas are good for your health and help get rid of some cosmetic problems!

Eat right!

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