What are the monthly and annual supplementary costs per child enrolled in Andorran primary and secondary school?

In Andorra, we can choose between three educational systems for compulsory and free education: Andorran, French and Spanish. What are the monthly and annual supplementary costs per child enrolled in primary and secondary school?

Expert of Augé Grup’s Immigration Department Olga Donskikh answers:

Education is free in Andorra. However, here below is a non-exhaustive list of related expenses that parents must foresee:

– Textbooks and other school materials: +/- 400 euros per year per child, except at the French school, where the textbooks are free;

– Rental of skis and ski equipment: +/- 100-150 euros per child, per season;

– The school canteen 75-100 euros per month, per child;

– Compulsory school insurance (to cover possible injuries and accidents during physical activities): 16-30 euros per year, per child.

– An annual contribution of +/- 25 euros per year and per child paid to the association managed by the parents;

– School trips in Andorra, Spain, France are financed partly by the school and partly by the parents: the budget varies according to the case. If the trip lasts one day, it is funded in part by the school and part by the parents’ association. If the trip includes overnight stays, the school offers a fix price to the parents; they have the right to accept it or to refuse the journey. For example, parents must provide 50 euros per child for a weekend trip to Barcelona, and 400 euros for a week in London.

– Extracurricular activities in cultural and sports associations (dance, swimming, figure skating) +/- 50-150 euros per month, per child;

– Transportation, if parents do not drive their child to school (see below).

The price of school transportation depends on the number of trips per day and the date of your request for registration. The contract must be signed in person at the Govern, and the renewal is done on the Internet. For the school year 2017-2018:

– If the registration is made between 30/03/2017 and 12/05/2017, for 1 trip per day the price is 104 euros, for 2 trips 208 euros;

– If, on the other hand, the registration is done after 15/05/2017, for 1 trip per day the price is 156 euros, for 2 trips 313 euros.

The itinerary and bus stops are approved by the Ministry of Education before the beginning of each school year according to the requests that have been received. Therefore, the route can be slightly modified from year to year.

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