Stereo system, a vinyl turntable with integrated AM/FM audio receiver and compact cassette recorder, built-in speakers. Height 63 cm.

Weltron is an electronics manufacturer and retailer, based in Oxford, North Carolina. It was previously located in Durham, North Carolina.

In the UK some of their products were sold under the Prinzsound brand, in Canada under the Fleetwood brand, and in Australia under the GEC brand. Weltron’s early product range is known for its Space Age design.

Currently Weltron is owned by Winston International LTD.

The Weltron name was first used in 1960 by Womack Electronics, a company run by Charles A. Womack. Womack Electronics filed a trademark application for the brand, which was to produce Cathode ray tubes, in 1962. The trademark was expanded in 1964 to cover the production of Radios, antennas and other devices, in 1965 to cover instruments such as electric organs and electric guitars, and in 1966 to cover electrical cleaning chemicals.

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