At the weekend. Why DO more than 5 mln Spaniards and French go to Andorra to have a best weekend?


Weekend. Why more than 5 mln Spaniards and French go to Andorra for a weekend?

How to spend a weekend? All Andorra for 2 days

In 2017 Andorra, according to the World Bank, has become the most visited country in the world. Why? Because, the Spaniards and the French think that Andorra is the BEST place where you can spend a weekend.

Passenger traffic only from France and Spain to Andorra is approximately 5 million people per year. In total Andorra welcomes more than 8 mln tourists per year.

How to spend a weekend? Andorra: the cheapest alcohol for a weekend in Western Europe

1. Andorra, along with Liechtenstein, Monaco and San Marino, is referred to “small states” of Europe.

Andorra today – is the most visited country in the world, according to the World Bank. The area of Andorra is 468 It is possible to see all Andorra within 2 days.

2. The capital of Andorra is Andorra la Vella – the highest capital of Europe (about 1030 m above sea level).

3. Andorra has almost a “zero” level of crime.

4. Andorra is the center of European shopping. This is the lowest VAT in Western Europe (4.5%) and the absence of excise taxes and charges on imports of many goods. Prices for luxury goods, some food stuff, alcohol, tobacco, sports equipment are lower than in other European countries by 10-30%.

5. First of all, Andorra – is the ski resort of Vallnord and Grandvalira, included in the list TOP15 best ski resorts in the world, according to the World Ski Awards. The resorts have about 350 km of slopes of varying complexity and the largest percentage of the concentration of ski lift systems per square meter in the world with a capacity of about 160 thousand people per hour.

6. In summer Andorra offers more than 250 km of trails for hiking and backpacks through the beautiful landscapes of the Pyrenees. The relief of this part of the Pyrenees mountains dates back to the Paleozoic and Mesozoic periods. Almost 30% of the territory of Andorra are national parks under UNESCO protection.

7. The largest thermal SPA Caldea also work all year round. Caldea is the largest center of mountain thermal waters in Europe. The temperature of water is 70 degrees. It is full of sulfur, mineral salts, sodium, as well as thermal plankton (due to its exceptional biological activity and favorable effect on the cells of the human skin and its moisturizing are widely used in cosmetology).

8. Andorra is more than 20 museums in a small area. In 2017, Carmen Thyssen (owner of the largest private art gallery in Madrid) moved part of the collection of paintings for permanent exhibition in Andorra, and MOTO GP champion Jorge Lorenzo opened a museum in which his personal collection of things related to the world of Formula 1 is presented.

9. In Andorra, you can see almost 30 monuments of Romanesque art in the open air, which in Andorra were preserved in its original form. The oldest churches in Andorra date back to the 9th century.


El Teu Soci Aeri (TSA) has offered its customers a new air taxi service from the airport of La Seu D Urgel (10 km from the border with Andorra). The company has a fleet of Cessna Citation II aircraft with a capacity of up to 8 people and 3 crew members. The radius of flight of this aircraft does not exceed 3000 km. The company’s services thus now extend to the ability to transport customers to the Canary Islands and the Nordic countries. The company noted the “competitiveness” of the price of the offered routes.

This service is the best to have a weekend in Andorra.

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