Vyatka VP-150

Vyatka VP-150 is the first Soviet scooter produced by the Vyatsko-Polyansky Machine-Building Plant. Produced from 1957 to 1966. It is a copy of the Italian Vespa 150GS scooter from 1955. Its successor was the V-150M model, developed by the VPMZ team.

In the 1950s, especially after the release of the cult film “Roman Holiday”, a fashion for a new vehicle began in European countries – the scooter. The Soviet Union decided to keep up with new trends, and on June 19, 1956, the USSR Council of Ministers adopted Resolution No. 825, which determined the tasks and deadlines for mastering the production of motor scooters in the USSR. The Ministry of Defense Industry, by its order dated July 7, 1956, appointed specific executors and deadlines – to build prototypes by the end of 1956, to master production in 1957.

Designers of the Vyatsko-Polyansky Machine-Building Plant, together with specialists from the Central Experimental Design Bureau (TsEKB) of motorcycle manufacturing from the city of Serpukhov, Moscow Region (now OJSC Motoprom), began work on a 150 cm³ class scooter. Lack of time and lack of experience forced us to use the 1955 Italian Vespa 150GS scooter as a prototype. Measurements were taken from the Vespa, and drawings were made based on the finished scooter. The group of designers at VPMZ was led by Komzilov, and the creation of prototypes was carried out by a number of plant workers under the supervision of Krivoshey.

The production of scooters grew rapidly, and in 1961 the 100,000th Vyatka was already assembled. In December 1965, the first batch of new B-150M scooters was assembled – a completely redesigned scooter, an improved version of which (1974) was called “Electron”. Throughout 1966, both models were produced in parallel, and at the end of 1966, the Vyatka VP-150 was discontinued, although at the beginning of 1967 the plant was still producing single scooters from available spare parts.

Assembly: «Вятско-Полянский машиностроительный завод „Молот“» (ВПМЗ) (USSR)

Years of production: 1957—1966

Production: 290,467 units

Length: 1850 mm

Width: 850 mm

Height: 1150 mm

Engine: 1 cylinder; 148 cc

Power: 5.5 HP

Max speed: 70 km/h

Weight: 1525 kg

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