Volgabus-6271.05 «CityRitm 18 DLF»

In 2012, a batch of 170 of Volzhanin-6271 buses was expected in Moscow. According to the contract, 25 buses were delivered. On June 2013, St. Petersburg purchased 99 buses of this model with delivery until 2015. During 2016, another 77 buses were delivered, and as of 2017, 176 buses of this model work in St. Petersburg.

Assembly plant: Volzhsky (Volgograd Oblast, Russia)

Years of production: 2012—

Production: more than 189

Capacity: 39 seats

ECO standart: Euro-5

Engine: 6 cylinders; 6900 cc

Power: 235 HP

Max speed: 92 km/h

Weight: 28 t

Bakulin Motors Group (BMG) is an investment and production holding. It produces buses under the Volgabus brand, unmanned vehicles, chassis and components for buses.

The brand was created in 2014 based on the assets of the Volgabus holding. The main production sites are the Volgabas-Volzhsky plant (former Volzhanin) in the city of Volzhsky, Volgograd Region, and Volgabas Vladimir.

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