Voisin C14

The Voisin C14 is a French automobile produced in nearly eighteen hundred units by the manufacturer Avions Voisin from 1928 to 1932. A simple evolution of the C11, it is like this one equipped with an in-line six-cylinder engine. It is offered by the manufacturer in eight different bodies, or in the form of a bare chassis.

The Voisin C14 is powered by the same in-line six-cylinder engine without rotating sleeve valves as the Voisin C11, with the same displacement of 2,326 cc, bore of 67 mm and stroke of 110 mm. Developing a power of 66 hp, its fuel supply is provided by a Zénith carburettor. The ignition is at Delco; the coolant is circulated using a thermosyphon. The multi-plate clutch transmits power to a three-speed gearbox, plus a reverse gear and a reduction gear, bringing the total to six forward speeds (and two reverse). From 1930, the gearbox control was fitted with an electromechanical relay system developed in collaboration with Cotal, providing a steering wheel control for easier gear changes. Transmission is to the rear wheels according to the classic rear-wheel drive architecture1. The maximum speed is 115 km/h.

The chassis, coded “Charmant” in the factory nomenclature, is made of pressed sheet metal and supports, in addition to the engine and transmission, semi-elliptical leaf spring suspensions on all four wheels. The rigid axle rear axle has a banjo axle, made in one piece. The brakes are drums on all four wheels as well, and are operated via a Dewandre brake booster.

The Voisin C14 is an evolution of the C11 of 1926, the only difference being a few detailed modifications made to the engine. These force the manufacturer to make a new move to Mines, which results in a reduction in fiscal power from 14 to 13 HP. Apart from this, and a slight modification of the rear of the chassis, the two models remain identical – with the same real power of 66 HP – which does not prevent Gabriel Voisin from taking the opportunity to give the vehicle a new commercial name.

In 1929, the bare chassis was sold for 58,000 francs, while prices for factory-bodied models ranged from 79,500 F for the “Charteorum” sedan to 88,000 F for the extended “Chartrain” sedan.

The car did not undergo any notable developments during its marketing period, apart from those occurring in 1930; year after which Manessius bodies cease to be offered in the manufacturer’s catalog. Production ceased in 1932, but chassis were kept in stock. The last ones will be sold at the 1935 auto show; they nevertheless remained mentioned on the prices until 1939.

During its career, the Voisin C14 will be used by several personalities such as the singers Joséphine Baker or Maurice Chevalier, the architect Le Corbusier, the photographer Man Ray or the writer Paul Morand – and by the owner of the brand, Gabriel Voisin.

Assembly: Issy-les-Moulineaux (Paris, France)

Years of production: 1928—1932

Production: 1,795 units

Length: 4460 mm

Width: 1640 mm

Engine: 6 cylinders; 2326 cc

Power: 66 HP

Max speed: 115 km/h

Weight: 1,250 kg

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