Vladimirsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg

Vladimirsky Prospekt is a street in the Central District of St. Petersburg, connecting Nevsky Prospekt with Zagorodny. It is located in the direction from north to south, it is one highway with Liteyny Prospekt.

The length is 450 meters.

Main attractions

No. 3 Object of cultural heritage 7831796000 — apartment house of P. I. Likhachev, 1858-1859, architect A. H. Pel.

No. 14 — E. A. Adam’s apartment house (St. Petersburg Metropolitan Pawnshop), 1833, 1905, citizen engineer A. I. Nosalevich. Cultural heritage site 7831798000

No. 15 Object of cultural heritage 7831799000 — B. A. Fredericks apartment house, 2nd chet. XIX century .

No. 17 Object of cultural heritage 7802349000 — the house of the Society of the St. Petersburg private pawnshop, 1825-1826, architect P. S. Pylnev.

No. 19 Apartment house of V. I. von Besser, 1904 (reconstruction), architect A. Shulman. The owner of the building, Baron von Besser, organized a competition for the best project for the superstructure of two additional floors and major reconstruction, Karl Voldemar Allan Shulman, who worked a lot in Vyborg and Finland, won out of 88 applicants.

Vladimir Cathedral.

Nearest metro station: Vladimirskaya, Dostoevskaya. How to get there: from the metro station “Vladimirskaya” turn right and there will be Vladimirsky Prospekt. From the metro station “Dostoevskaya” walk 10 minutes.

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