Vitebsky railway station – the first railway station in St. Petersburg and Russia

Vitebsky railway station (formerly Tsarskoselsky, then Detskoselsky) is the passenger terminal of the St. Petersburg-Vitebsky station. Address: Zagorodny avenue, 52.

One of the five operating railway stations in St. Petersburg. The oldest railway station that has survived in St. Petersburg and Russia. The station building is an object of cultural heritage of the peoples of Russia and is protected by the state.

Vitebsky – the first railway station in St. Petersburg and Russia, which after the opening bore the name of St. Petersburg, since 1900 became known as the Tsarskoselsky railway station.

Opening date: October 30 (November 11), 1837.

Architects: S. A. Brzhozovsky

Design engineers: S. I. Minash

Imperial pavilion

From the side of the Vvedensky Canal, the Imperial Pavilion of the Imperial Line, adjacent to the station, was built. Trains of members of the imperial family and foreign delegations departed from this station.

Directions and carriers

In addition to long-distance trains of Russian Railways, trains of Ukrainian, Moldovan, Belarusian railways run from the station.

Suburban traffic is served by the North-West Suburban Passenger Company.

How to get to?

Near the station in 1956, a ground lobby of the Pushkinskaya metro station was built. In 2008, the interchange station “Zvenigorodskaya” was opened.

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