Visa to AndorraIt is obligatory to get a “multi” type of Schengen visa for Andorra as the border with Spain or France will be crossed at least twice, upon entering and leaving the country. The visa is issued only by the Embassies or Consulates of Spain or France.

EU, UK and US citizens don’t need visa to enter Andorra.

The authorities there require a standard Schengen visa package for other citizens. Meanwhile, the customs control at the borders with the above mentioned countries is  basic and in most cases it is simply omitted.

Documents for standard Schengen visa:

1. The international passport (existing and old);

2. Photocopy of a civil passport (copy of all pages);

3. Two photos 3.5 on 4.5;

4. Job reference;

5. An extract from the bank account / a credit card (for the sum of min. of 2000 euros per person)

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