Ossa 125 B (1957). 

OSSA (Orpheo Sincronic Sociedad Anónima) was a Spanish motorcycle brand founded in 1948 by the Giró family. Initially, it was founded in 1928 as a company dedicated primarily to the manufacture and sale of 35mm film projectors, reaching a large market share in Spain (they were still in this activity many years later, together with the manufacture of motorcycles).

During the 50s and 60s it lived its golden age, in which it established itself as one of the main motorcycle manufacturers in Spain. Between the end of the 60s and the beginning of the 70s, he had a relevant sporting activity in international speed, enduro and trial competitions. Its first stage lasted until 1984, the year in which the company closed due to financial problems.

In 2008, the brand was re-founded by Gurt and Jordi Cuxart. This second journey, focused on the manufacture of trial motorcycles, would be brief, after an attempt to save the company with a merger agreement with Gas Gas in 2014, its financial difficulties would end up causing its second disappearance shortly after.

Moto Bassella museum, CataloniaPyreneesSpain

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