Lutetia, 175 cc (1924).

Josep Sugrañes, exclusive importer of auxiliary engines “Lutetia” – greatly welcomed in France – manufactured this orginally designed motorcycle in Barcelona, acquiring a great prestige in the Catalan society. No more than 25 bikes were produced, so this one – is the only one in perfect working condition.

Lutètia was a French brand of engines and motorcycles imported to Catalonia by the firm Josep Sugrañes from Barcelona. Once the French company had folded, Sugrañes took over its manufacture in Barcelona until 1931, standing out for the variety of models it produced. These new Lutetia were equipped with chassis manufactured by the Montpeó brand and Lutetia engines or the popular Villiers.

One of its most outstanding productions was the 175cc Lutètia Super Sport, produced in 1928.

Moto Bassella museum, CataloniaPyreneesSpain

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