Delahaye 135 M. Red-black body. The model appeared in the market in 1935.

The Delahaye 135 is a luxury car manufactured by French automaker Delahaye. Designed by engineer Jean François, it was produced from 1935 until 1954 in many different body styles. A sporting tourer, it was also popular for racing.


A larger-displacement (3,557 cc) 135M was introduced in 1936. Largely the same as the regular 135, the new engine offered 90, 105, or 115 hp, with either one, two, or three carburetors. As with the 135/138, a less sporty, longer wheelbase version was also built, called the “148”.

The 148 had a 3,150 mm wheelbase, or 3,350 mm in a seven-seater version. On the two shorter wheelbases, a 134N was also available, with a 2,150 cc four-cylinder version of the 3.2-litre six from the 135.

Along with a brief return of the 134, production of 148, 135M, and 135MS models was resumed after the end of the war.

The 135 and 148 were then joined by the one litre larger engined Delahaye 175 / 175S; 178; and 180, being an entirely new series that was under development before the war.

When the large displacement chassis-series was discontinued in 1951, the 135M was updated to be introduced as the Type 235, as a last ditch effort to save Delahaye. It was a fine product, and was offered until the demise of Delahaye in 1954. Only 84 examples were built.

Vadim Zadorozhny’s Museum of EquipmentMoscow

Years of production: 1938-1952

Country of origin: France

Issued: about 20,000 units

Weight: 1320 kg

Power: 150 hp

Speed: 159 km / h

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