BMW 327 convertible. Red and black body.

The BMW 327 is a medium-sized touring coupé produced by the Bavarian firm between 1937 and 1941, and again produced after 1945. It sat on a shortened version of the BMW 326 chassis.

The first 327, launched in 1937, was a cabriolet. In 1938, this was joined by a fixed head coupé version.

The car was shorter and lower than its sedan counterpart, but shared the famous BMW grill and a streamlined form representative of the more progressive designs of the 1930s.

Years of production: 1937-1941

Vadim Zadorozhny’s Museum of EquipmentMoscow

Country of origin: Germany

Issued: 1124

Weight: 1100 kg

Power: 55 hp

Speed: 125 km / h

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