Vinyl electrophone Dolphin. Made in Germany (1947)

Dolphin factory Helmut Kretschmar OHG Pirna; Pirna – Rottwerndorf, Schlossmühle (Logo DWP) probably only came into being after the Second World War. Around 1960, the Kretschmar family left the GDR for West Germany and the name was initially changed to Delphin-Werk OHG Pirna, then it became a company with “state participation” (BSB).

Around 1969 it was affiliated with the company Elektro-Akustische Geräte Kurt Ehrlich, Pirna-Copitz and on April 10, 1972 it was nationalized as a state-owned company. “VEB Phonomat Pirna, Pirna-Rottwerndorf” is the name of the company.

Production: various turntables with and without their own playback amplifier in the form of cases and frames.

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