Vintage audio: vinyl electrophone and radio Vega-RE 301. Made in USSR by Berdsk Vega Production Association

Stationary transistor radio Vega RE-301-stereo has been produced since 1990. The radiola is a modernization of the Vega-300-stereo model. The new model is slightly different from the base. It consists of a radio receiver designed to receive broadcasting station programs in the LW, SW bands, an III-EPU-63SP electric player, two low-frequency amplifiers and two built-in speakers. The radiola has an electronic system for expanding the stereo base.

The sensitivity of the receiver from an external antenna in the ranges: LW, SW – 150 μV. Selectivity at a frequency detuning of 8 kHz in both directions is about 30 dB. The rated output power of the amplifier is 2×2 W. The range of reproducible frequencies in terms of sound pressure: radio receiving path 125 … Z550 Hz, during operation of the EPU 100 … 10000 Hz. The power consumed from a network is 17 W. Model dimensions – 542x366x156 mm. Weight 8 kg.

The Berdsk Vega Production Association is one of the largest producers of domestic radios and tape recorders for civil and military use in Russia. Vega includes the Berdsk Radio Plant and its Special Microelectronics Design and Technological Bureau. In the 1990s Vega added compact disc players to its line of stereo electronics.

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